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Magazine, journal, newspaper & newsletter illustrations in

The Baltimore Sun, Feb. 2011, June 1978, Dec. 2000
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Technical book, paper, booklet & pamphlet illustrations in -

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Macroevolution: Pattern and Process. S. Stanley, 1979

Automobile license plate image-

Maryland/Maryland Science Center Astrodon, 2000-06

Posters -

Carnivores. Aquarius/Smithsonian Institution, 2021
Herbivores. Aquarius/Smithsonian Institution, 2021
Dinosaurs. Aquarius/Smithsonian Institution, 2017
Various artwork. Zazzle, 2013-Current
Various artwork. Publications International, 1988
QN: The Living Machine. Smithsonian Institution, 1986 [QN]


Dinosaurs 2018. Aquarius/Smithsonian Institution
Beyond the Dinosaurs 2017. Zazzle
Your Inner Dinosaur 2016. Zazzle
Anatomy of a Dinosaur 2015. Zazzle
Dinosaurs: Elements in Focus 2014. Zazzle
Dinosaurs: Profiles in Prehistory 2013. Zazzle
All Dinosaurs Great & Small 2012. Zazzle
Dinosaurs: A Coloring Calendar 2011. Zazzle
Mesozoic Birds & Feathered Dinosaurs 2011. Zazzle
Dinosaurs! 2010. Universe/Smithsonian
The Pop-Up Dinosaur Calendar 2009. Universe/Smithsonian
The Pop-Up Dinosaur Calendar 2008. Universe/Smithsonian
Dinosaurs 1989. Publications International (multiple artists)
Dinosaurs 1988. Publications International (multiple artists)
Dinosaurs 1988. Starwood
(featured in Style section of The Washington Post)
On the Wing 1987. Impact/Smithsonian Institution [QN]


Stegosaurus & Allosaurus. Dinosaur Depot, 1995
Dinosaurs One (postcard set). Starwood, 1987
On the Wing. Smithsonian Institution, 1986 [QN]
Dilophosaurus. Dinosaur State Park, model photos, 1980s

Puzzles and games

Carnivores. Aquarius/Smithsonian Institution, 2021
Herbivores. Aquarius/Smithsonian Institution, 2021
Dinosaurs. Aquarius/Smithsonian Institution, 2017
Various artwork. Zazzle, 2012
Gregory Paul's Real Dinosaurs (various artwork). American Publishing, 1988

Playing cards

Dinosaurs. Aquarius/Smithsonian Institution, 2017


Dinosaurs - tin lunch box and mugs. Aquarius/Smithsonian Institution, 2017

Theatrical motion picture images -

Dinosaur 13. Lionsgate/CNN Films, 2014
Waking the T. rex: The Story of Sue. D3D Cinema/The Field Museum, 2010
Jurassic Park. Universal Pictures, 1993

Television images

TLC Elementary School: Investigating Dinosaurs. TLC, 2000 [QN]
Eyewitness: Prehistoric Life. BBC/DK Video, 1996 [QN]
Planet of Life: Creatures of the Skies NHK, Japan, 1995 [QN]
Dinofest. IU, 1994
PaleoWorld. The Learning Channel, 1994-97 - "Carnosaurs", "The Legendary T Rex", "Mistaken Identity", "Mysteries of Extinction", "Dino Docs" (uncredited), "Flight of the Pterosaurs" [QN] (1994); "Dinos in the Snow", "Dino Diet" (1996); "Secrets of Brontosaurus" (uncredited) (1997)   
NOVA - "Dinosaurs of the Gobi", WGBH/PBS, 1993; "Case of the Flying Dinosaur", WGBH/PBS, 1991
The Last Dinosaur Kingdom. Fuji Television (Japan), 1992 (incl. promotional poster)
The Dinosaurs! - "The Monsters Emerge". WGBH/PBS, 1992
The Nature Connection with David Suzuki - "Badlands". CBC, 1989
Lost Worlds, Vanished Lives - "Putting Flesh On Bone". BBC, 1989 [QN]
The Infinite Voyage - "The Great Dinosaur Hunt". WGBH/PBS, 1989
Innovation - "Paul MacCready: Doing More With Less". WNET/13, 1989 [QN/art]; "Dinosaur Chic". WNET/13, 1987
Today. NBC, 1987
Living with Animals. PBS, 1987
3-2-1 Contact - "Unbelievable Flying Objects". CTW/PBS, 1987 [QN]
WNET/13. 1987
20/20. ABC, 1986 [QN]
More Dinosaurs. Midwich Entertainment, 1985 [only on-screen appearance in a dino program]
The Nature of Things - "Dinosaurs: Remains To Be Seen". CBC, 1985

Video images -

The Continuing Story of Sue. Lionsgate Films, 2014
The Amazing World of Dinosaurs. Mill Creek Ent., 2012
How to Build a Dinosaur. BBC Productions, 2011
Step Into the Early Jurassic. Dinosaur State Park & CT Dept. of Environmental Protection, 2006 [Dilophosaurus model, inc. cover]
100 Years of Tyrannosaurus rex: A Symposium - Speaker Presentations. Black Hills Museum of Natural History, 2006
The Making of Prehysteria. Moonbeam Entertainment, 1993
In Search of the Dragon: The Greatest Dinosaur Hunt of the Century. Great North Prodns./Ex Terra, 1991
Dinosaurs. Smithsonian Video Collection, VHS and laserdisc, 1989
Ancient Wings, 1986 [QN/art]

Video advertisement images -

98 Rock, 1992-93

Print advertisement images -

Komatsu Co. - machinery [Monolith Inc.], Japan, 1994

Museum exhibit images

Perot Museum of Nature and Science, 2012
American Museum of Natural History, 2006, 2005, 1995
Naturhistorisches Museum Wien (Vienna), 2011
Maryland Science Center, 2004, 1999 (3x5 ft oil paleolandscape)
Canadian Museum of Nature, 2004
The Children's Museum of Indianapolis, 2004
Smithsonian Institution/National Museum of Natural History, 2003
North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, 2000
Fukui Dinosaur Museum, 2000
America’s Smithsonian (traveling exhibit), 1996-98
Gunma Museum of Natural History (Japan), 1996
Izumi Village Local Museum (Japan), 1996
Denver Museum of Natural History, 1995
Hunterian Museum, Scotland, 1995 Dinosaur Depot Museum, 1995
Buffalo Bill Dam Visitor Center, 1994
St. Louis Science Center, 1991
Virginia Living Museum, 1990
Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences, 1986

Exhibits Design & Development -

Bambiraptor & Dinosaur-Bird Evolution, Graves Museum of Natural History and Broward County Convention Center, Fort Lauderdale, 2000

Dinosaur hall, Maryland Science Center, 2002-04
Daily Record Award for Innovation, Baltimore Magazine Best Jurassic Reconstruction, City Paper Best New Exhibit

Commercial/promotional logos

Tyrannosaurus and Velociraptor. Dinosaur Walk Museums
Tyrannosaurus. Maryland Science Center
SUE - Tyrannosaurus. Field Museum of Natural History
Stegosaurus. Dinosaur Depot Museum
QN - Quetzalcoatlus. Smithsonian Institution

Computer images -

150 Years of America’s Smithsonian, CD-ROM, 1996
3-D animated images. Crestline Software, 1994-
3-D Dinosaur Adventure. Knowledge Adventure, 1994 [QN]

DinoRobotics projects -

Animatronix, Kritosaurus, 2003. Private venture to develop highly accurate, full size non-walking dinosaur robots.

Dinosaur Robots, Inc. "Troody" the Troodon, 2000. Private venture developed from MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab, a project to develop fully mobile walking, realistic dinosaur robots.

AeroVironment,"QN" the Quetzalcoatlus northropi, 1986. The first semi-robotic flying, half scale ornithopter/pterosaur flown over Death Valley, CA in the IMAX film On the Wing. Displayed at the National Zoological Park Visitor Center (Wash. DC) 1988-2002. Now privately stored in the National Museum of Air and Space's Paul E. Garber Preservation, Restoration and Storage Facility in Suitland, MD.

Full size sculpture designs -

Brontotherium. Hall Train Studios, 2007
Dinictis. Hall Train Studios, 2007
Astrodon vs. Acrocanthosaurus. Hall Train Studios for Maryland Science Center, 2004
Apatosaurus. Hall Train Studios for Dinosaur Walk Museum, Pigeon Forge, TN, 2002 (closed in 2011)
Tyrannosaurus skull and muscles. Stephen Brois, 1993
Dilophosaurus. Richard Rush Studios (Roger Walshlager) for Dinosaur State Park, 1981
Triceratops. Milwaukee Public Museum (Floyd Easterman), 1980

Commercial models based on GSP designs -

Brachiosaurus brancai 1/35 resin kit. Dragon Attack! (Bob Morales), 1999
Daspletosaurus torosus 1/8 bronze and resin casts. Michael Trcic, 1993
Quetzalcoatlus northropi QN PVC toy by WAI; wood skeleton with GSP art on box by WACO
(On the Wing tie-ins sold in Smithsonian gift shop, 1986.)

Skeletons mounted following GSP images -

Tyrannosaurus, Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences
Kritosaurus, Mexico Geological Institute
Prestosuchus, American Museum Natural History
Allosaurus & Stegosaurus, Denver Museum of Natural History
Dimetrodon & Eryops, Denver Museum of Natural History
Coelophysis, Denver Museum of Natural History
Troodon & Orodromeus, traveling exhibit
Allosaurus, Smithsonian Institution/National Museum of Natural History

Scientific advisory and advocacy group memberships -

Governor's Advisory Committee on Promoting Paleontology (Maryland), 1992-93
Garden Park Paleontological Society (Colorado), 1991-96
Camous Freethought Debate Circuit, 2000-

Early scientific employment, consultations & illustrations -

Drawings and diagrams for animated theropod-to-bird sequence, The Dinosaurs!, WHYY/PBS, 1992

Consultant and data source on Stegosaurus video for Fernbank Museum of Natural History (Atlanta) by Ohio State Supercomputer Center, 1989

Drawings and motion diagrams for animated running theropod-to-bird sequence, The Infinite Voyage, WQED/PBS, 1988

Consultation on commercial dinosaur advertising proposal, Tokyo Commercial Film Co., 1988

Consultant for half scale Quetzalcoatlus model, Studio 144/Taipei Educational Center

Consultation and rewriting for Dinosaur Posters, Publishing Inc., 1986

Consultant for life-sized Velociraptor and Stegosaurus sculptures, S. Czerkas and California Academy of Sciences, 1985/86

Designer of dinosaur mural, Museo Argentino Ciencias Naturales, 1985

Illustrator of "dinosaur chalkboard", Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences, 1984

Informal research associate and illustrator, R. Bakker and Earth and Planetary Sciences, The Johns Hopkins University, 1977-84

Illustrator of Anchisaurus skull, P. Galton, 1983

Paintings of Late Cretaceous scenes, Tyrrell Museum, 1980-82

Paintings and consultation for projected children's books, Smithsonian Books, 1979-80

Consultant for artist of The American Continent, Smithsonian Books, 1979

Painting and consultation for educational dinosaur filmstrip, Publishing Inc., 1978

Illustrations of assorted vertebrate fossils, Smithsonian Naturalist Center, 1976

Volunteer assistance in fossil cataloguing and preparation, Smithsonian, 1976-77

Radio -

The Marc Steiner Show, Dec. 2010
NPR, tyrannosaur conference, Rockford, Illinois, Feb. 2003

Presentations before scientific and professional meetings

The Princeton Field Guide to Dinosaurs lecture and book signings (A Guide to Understanding the Times, Biology and Appearances of Dinosaurs Great and Small):

Watch lecture

Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh; Fernbank Museum of Natural History, Atlanta; Miami Science Museum (at Books and Books), Coral Gables; Yale University/Peabody Museum of Natural History, New Haven, 2010; Museum of the Earth, Ithaca; Princeton Public Library, Princeton, 2011

Iguanodonts, a more diverse lot than we thought. Salas, Spain, 2010

Preserved Camarasurus cervicals preserve an erect, not horizontal, neck. Ottawa, 2006

Speed in giant tyrannosaurs: anatomical and scaling comparisions of running potential with living animals/evolutionary computer simulation (co-author W. Sellers). Denver, 2004

Who says dromaeosaurs couldn’t fly? St. Paul, 2003

Speed potential in tyrannosaurs great and small & Problems with sauropod neck posture. Tulsa, 2002

Increasing evidence for an arboreal origin of dinosaur-avian flight, and for losses of flight in post-urvogel dinosaurs & Metabolic implications of growth rates in dinosaurs, co-author G. Leahy. Bozeman, 2001

Birds are dinosaurs, were some dinosaurs birds? Denver, 1999

Differing bipedal and tripodal feeding modes in sauropods. Snowbird, 1998

Respiratory systems in Mesozoic archosaurs. Chicago, 1997

The status of respiratory turbinates in theropods. New York, 1996

Can nasal turbinates be used to diagnose paleometabolics?
Pittsburgh, 1996

Using pelvic dimensions to restore the aerobic capacity of extinct tetrapods. Seattle, 1994

Erect neck carriage and tall shoulders in high browsing tachymetabolic sauropods & The size and bulk of extinct giant land herbivores. Toronto, 1992

Long erect legs and rapid growth require high maximal and minimal metabolics in dinosaurs and Archaeopteryx & Giant horned dinosaurs really did have fully erect forelimbs, San Diego, 1991

Two chronic myths in dinosaurology: why brain size doesn't tell us a darn thing about physiology, and why giant endotherms do not drop dead from heat stroke & A re-evaluation of the mass and flight of giant pterosaurs. Lawrence, 1990

High set shoulders and vertical necks in the brachiosaurid, camarasaurid, and euhelopid sauropods. Austin, 1989

The brachiosaurian giants of the Morrison and Tendaguru, and the world's largest dinosaurs. Philadelphia, 1986

Archaeopteryx and the origin of the avian lung. Pittsburgh, 1980

Speed and size in the ostrich-mimic and tyrannosaurid dinosaurs. Gainesville, 1979

Skull size and physiology in small-skulled dinosaurs and birds. Toronto, 1978

Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Annual Meetings:

The lifestyles and habits of the gigantic tyrannosaurid super predators of the Late Cretaceous of North America and Asia, Hill City, 2005

The science and art of restoring dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. Guild of Natural Science Illustrators, Williamsburg, 2004 and Bar Harbor, 2005

Birds are dinosaurs, were some dinosaurs birds? The Florida Symposium on Dinosaur Bird Evolution, Graves Museum of Natural History, Dania, 2000

Complexities in the evolution of birds from predatory dinosaurs: Archaeopteryx was a flying dromaeosaur, and some Cretaceous dinosaurs may have been secondarily flightless. Society of Avian Paleontology and Evolution, 4th International Meeting, Washington D.C., 1996

Limb posture and locomotion in ceratopsid dinosaurs. Paleobiology Seminar Series, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian, Washington DC, 1999

Dinosaurs - The aerobic powerhouses & Super-pterosaurs, DinoFest III, Philadelphia, 1998. Those wonderful but sometimes wacky dinosaur models, why you should not always believe what you hold. DinoFest II, Tempe, 1996. Terramegathermy in the time of the titans: restoring the metabolics of colossal dinosaurs. DinoFest, Indianapolis, 1994

Migrations, gigantothermy and elevated aerobic metabolisms, which best explains how dinosaurs coped with the winters of the far north? International Conference on Arctic Margins, Anchorage, 1992

Predation and defense in the dinosaurs; & Head size and physiology in the sauropod dinosaurs. International Symposium on Fossil Vertebrate Behaviour, Bozeman, 1988

The science and art of reconstructing the life appearance of dinosaurs and their relatives. Dinosaurs Past and Present Art Exhibit, Los Angeles, 1986

The evolution of the avian skull and skeleton in the sickle clawed dinosaurs. Symposium on Mesozoic Terrestrial Ecosystems, Warsaw, 1981

Talks on the evolution of computers & robotics -

Computers, robotics, space travel and the engineering of god. National Capital Astronomers, Washington D.C., Dec. 7, 1991

Field work -

Late Cretaceous, southeast Alberta. Tyrrell Museum group, 2001
Early Cretaceous, east-central Utah. Denver Museum of Natural History expedition, 1996
Late Jurassic, Garden Park Colorado. Denver Museum of Natural History expedition, 1992-93
Late Jurassic, Como Bluff Wyoming; Eocene, Willwood Formation Wyoming. Late Cretaceous, Pierre Shale Wyoming, Willwood. Johns Hopkins University expedition, 1979-80
Late Cretaceous, North Horn Utah; Paleocene, Kutz Canyon New Mexico; Late Cretaceous, Kirtland-Fruitland Formation New Mexico; Late Cretaceous, Lance Formation Wyoming; Como Bluff; Pierre Shale. Johns Hopkins University expedition, 1978

Dinosaur art exhibitions

The Dinosaur Park, Laurel, MD 2009
Dinosaur Days, Maryland Science Center, 2005
Designing Dinosaurs: Bruce Museum, Peabody Museum, Dinofest 98, 1997-98
Dinosaurs Past and Present: Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, Denver Museum Natural History Museum,
National Museum of Canada, American Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, New Mexico Natural History Museum, Tyrrell Museum, Royal Ontario Museum, The Children's Museum of Indianapolis, Cincinnati Museum of Natural History, The Field Museum, Royal Museum of Scotland, National Museum of Wales, British Museum of Natural History, 1986-1991
Dinofest, California Academy of Sciences, 1985
The Dinosaur Show, Museum of Science (Boston), 1984-85

Teaching experience -

DinoCourse, Johns Hopkins University Continuing Ed, 1993
Teaching assistant in vertebrate paleontology, Earth and Planetary Sciences, Johns Hopkins University, 1979

Organizations -

Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, since 1979
National Center for Science Education, since 1992
Guild of Natural Science Illustrators, since 1986

Art education -

Renaissance oil painting under J. Bannon, 1977-78

Education -

Informal studies under R. Bakker at Dept. Earth and Planetary Sciences, Johns Hopkins University, 1977-84
Northern Virginia Community College, 1973-78